When Chance Encounters Change Your Life

Telling Your Family Story

I'm listening to Sting's "10 Summoner's Tales", and thought of Jason, the musician in my songwriting days who told me that it was his favorite album. I added it to a playlist, and now listen to it every week. Isn't it strange how acquaintances who pass through your life can have a lasting impact on it?

It made me think of other instances where someone I didn't know well nevertheless influenced my life in a major way:

The guy who shared my office in graduate school who told me about a great band for our wedding reception. We used them, and our friends STILL remember how great our reception was because of that amazing band!

The parents of my son's friend mentioned that her family was vacationing on Kiawah Island in South Carolina. I'd never heard of it, but we went on vacation there, and it was love at first sight! It was like a magical door had been opened that has never closed since. We've been there five times now!

A neighbor who, 20 years ago, asked my husband to coach the neighborhood soccer team, which included my 8-year-old son. This was back in the days when soccer wasn't much of a sport in the U.S. My husband agreed and went on to coach soccer for nine years; my kids each played traveling soccer for ten!

Can you think of a big turn your life took because of a chance encounter? Let me know in the comments!