What Can Compare to Good Friends?

Telling Your Story

We're going out to dinner tomorrow night with good friends. I am SO looking forward to it! Having good friends is a little like having a good marriage - they know all your quirks, they let you vent, and they know that your wedding ceremony only lasted three minutes.

And YOU share in their joy about how well their kids turned out and how one son said that any woman he married had to be nice to waiters and waitresses (he gets points for that *former waitress*).

We got especially wonderful news from these friends the last time we got together. They are going to be grandparents for the first time! It gave me that "Sunrise, Sunset" feeling from "Fiddler On the Roof". There are so many good things for them to anticipate. It's a bittersweet feeling, because with joy in life, there's almost always loss. We have to take the bitter with the sweet.

But for now, I want to propose a toast to good friends - may they live long and prosper!