Do "The Little Things" Belong In Your Lasting Story?

Tips On Writing A Lasting Story

When you write your Lasting Story of a parent, it's often a good idea to include anecdotes about events that seemed minor at the time but had a lasting impact on you. It will mean a lot to your parent when he or she reads it!

Imagine that you're writing a lasting story about your Mom.  What were the little things she did that still stick with you today? I'll give you two examples using my own life:  When I was 10, I used to ride my bike to Lincolnshire Pool in the Summer and brought money for a snack. Once, I was given 5 cents too much in change. When I got home, I confessed it to my Mom. She made me ride back and return the nickel! For some reason, that stuck with me like glue. Although I'm not a saint, I return money that owe people!  My mom also loved Broadway musicals and sang them around the house, even though my brother and I rolled our eyes when she did. I have to admit, I carried on the tradition of singing around the house with my kids. If they complained, I just grinned and began to dance, too. If I'm having fun, my kids just have to put up with it!

What anecdote would you include in your story about a parent?