Remembering a Lost Loved One

My Heritage Story

The anniversary of my aunt's birthday was November 24.  You would think that three years after her death,  I would be well on my way through the grief process. Although I do feel better, I don't think that the grief process ever fully ends when you lose someone who was both a close relative and a best friend. 

My aunt never married, and my kids were like grandchildren to her. In this photo, she is holding my first born for the first time, and you can see that she's absolutely thrilled. He was her first great nephew.

Whenever my kids had a birthday coming up, my aunt would find out exactly what they wanted for a gift.  Finding those gifts became her mission in life! She'd always mail them to my kids with a card that had a personal note. It was kind of like the notes they send in "Pride and Prejudice" ~ the perfect mixture of eloquence and humor.

I still miss her. And each holiday season, there is a void that can't be filled.