This Time, With Feeling: Telling Your Heritage Story

Your Heritage Story

If you're telling a heritage story, it's important to include meaningful, emotional things about your parent's life that are personal to you.  I'll give you an example from my own life.

In this photo of my late mother and me, part of the reason that she looks so happy is because my Mom had mobility problems, and could only fly out from Boston to see our family once a year. So the times that we flew out to visit her each year were truly special occasions! The sheet music behind her in this photo was some that we played and sang each time our family visited. Cole Porter was a big favorite of hers. Mom and I also loved Broadway shows, and she started taking piano lessons when she was 65. Amazing, right?  Finally, Mom was still able to wrap her left arm around my waist in this photo.  It makes me sad to think of how the stroke she had 10 years later would prevent her from doing that again.

There are many stories within each of your family photos! And only you and your family members can make sure that they're not forgotten. What is one special thing that you recall about one of your parents?