I Hope You Dance

Telling Your Memorial Story

When telling your parent's memorial story, it's good to make a connection between their lives and yours, particularly if it has inspired you. For example, my Mom loved to dance, and was super good at it.  But after marrying my Dad, she had to dance by herself: My Dad didn't want to go dancing, and at that time, married women rarely went and danced with anyone other than their spouse.  

I feel lucky that my Mom raised me to be a woman who will dance in any situation, no matter what! I dance in the kitchen when I'm cooking, with friends at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and to just about anything at weddings.  

Most meaningful to me was when I danced with my son at his wedding this month. And when I watched him dance with his wife, first to their favorite song and later, to "Despacito." It still makes me cry just thinking of it! I wish that my Mom could have been there to dance with us. 

That's why I chose the song, "I Hope You Dance" for the song to which my son and I danced. I hope that he and his brother find things to dance about throughout their lives.