Father Doesn't Always Know Best

Telling Your Heritage Story

"I shared this insight with some other boat owners, and they all agreed that, definitely, putting your boat in the water is asking for trouble." ~ Dave Barry

When you tell your Heritage Story, you don't always have to remember only the great things about your parents. Sometimes the most memorable things are funny or reveal that your parents were human, just like the rest of us. Here's an example:

My late Dad and I had many adventures, and he influenced who I am today more than anyone else.  When I was a teen on Chicago's north shore, we loved sailing our 14-foot Flying Junior on Lake Michigan. There WAS one time when we capsized and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard, but that was the exception to the rule.

Very soon after I married, my Dad took my husband and me sailing during a visit to Boston, where he and my Mom then lived.It was a gorgeous day on Boston Harbor, and I was SO HAPPY that he and my husband got along well! They were chatting away about scientific research, so I decided to close my eyes for awhile. That was a big mistake.

Suddenly, I heard a long, deafening horn blast coming from our starboard side! An enormous container ship loomed directly above our tiny sailboat. Tiny, ant-sized figures waaay up on the ship's deck screamed at us. I was sure we were going to be run down. We scrambled to come about and head away from the ship, barely avoiding collision. I thought to myself, "Welcome to the family, honey!"