Do Your Photos Tell Only Half the Story?

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Looking at this nature photo, you might think that there's not much of a story behind it.  You would be wrong! 

Several friends told us that eating lunch at Jordan Pond House was a MUST if we vacationed at Acadia National Park. They're famous for their lobster dishes, popovers, and blueberry jam. So my husband and I made a reservation during our trip to Acadia. On impulse I said, "Let's walk around Jordan Pond before lunch!" My husband said we couldn't make it ~ the walk was three miles, it was 90 degrees out, and our reservation was in one hour. I said, "We can walk 3 miles an hour!" So we started off.

A half hour later, we were on track to make it! I even nabbed some photos like this one. But THEN we ran into some gigantic granite rocks that we had to hop over like billy goats! I have no idea how hikers climb over some of those babies. We managed to leap from rock to rock, but lost time doing it. When we reached a dirt path again, we broke into a dead run to get to Jordan Pond House in time. We finally made it there, gasping for breath and drenched in sweat!  And of course, all the other patrons were cool, calm, and collected. I admit, the food tasted REALLY good after that.

In your travels, remember that there's a lot more to your photos than what's on the surface. Most of that will fade from memory given enough time. If you want to gift a family member with the fun stories behind your photos, go to Lasting Story Photo Books today.