Do Written Stories Belong In Your Wedding Album?

Your Affordable Wedding

In the past few months, people inquiring about a Lasting Story wedding album have asked, "Do I have to include a story?" They feel that their photos, often Polaroids or cell phone photos that their guests have taken, tell the story themselves. They're also looking for a more affordable way to have a professional-quality wedding album.

I have to agree that often, your wedding photographs tell their own story. Emotions are often easy to read from the photos themselves. Weddings are a special occasion where love and emotion are in the air. The bride and groom's happiness is tangible, and they can also preselect photos for their album that best capture the celebratory mood.

It's certainly true that designing your wedding album without a story would allow me to offer it at a lower price. So I'm giving serious thought to offering one. 

Please let me know in your comments whether you think this is a good idea!