Are the Gifts You Give Truly Personalized?

Telling Your Travel Story

When you give a gift to someone you care about, is it generic or truly personal? The good thing about Travel Books is that they are tailored for the person who traveled with you. The photos and stories you include in it have special meaning for you both. 

When you tell your travel story, be sure to include panorama photos. They pack a visual punch and make your book more unique.

This photo of the Kitt Peak Observatory near Tucson, Arizona is part of a Tucson travel book that I'm giving my husband for Christmas. We went there for the first time last March -- in fact, we visited ARIZONA for the first time last March! 

In the photo, the wide stretch of desert is capped by the Observatory on the far right. I included it because astronomy has been a hobby of my husband's since high school. When we drove up to the Observatory, he was in seventh heaven! It's world famous, and includes 3 huge nighttime telescopes that he loved checking out. As we climbed up a hill towards the Mayall 4-Meter Telescope, its 500-ton DOME shifted, scaring the heck out of me! It turned out that the dome was just adjusting to give the telescope it housed a better view. For a minute there, I thought I was on the set of "Star Wars", but my husband felt right at home. It was his favorite part of the entire trip!

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