If you asked me to show you a dozen photo albums of my kids when they were little, I'd have no problem doing that! But after my oldest child turned seven and my youngest was four, I just didn't have the time or energy to keep it up. If you're anything like me, carving out time to design photo books using the hundreds (or thousands!) of photos you have on file is a huge task. Time is in even shorter supply if you want to tell the stories behind your photos.

The other thing that I find lacking in commercial photo books is the quality of the paper and binding. It's puzzling why most brands use photo paper that you can buy in an office supply store. Why not use premium-quality photo paper and binding for photo books? Beauty and durability ~ that's what I like!

I formed Lasting Story Photo Books because so many of us need the convenience and quality of a photo book design service. I personally design your album by hand so that it makes a unique gift or keepsake. I offer three types of photo books: Lasting Story, Classic Lasting Story, and Deluxe Lasting Story Photo Books.

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Lasting Story Photo Books

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Lasting Story Photo Books: A premium quality photo book that saves your most precious moments for generations to come. We use only silver halide printing, personally designed layouts, and professional binding. Use our one-step process: Upload your photos to our secure website, and we do the rest! As a bonus, if you want to share the album pages on social media, we'll email you those digital files.

Classic and Deluxe Lasting Story Books: It's a shame that so many of our family stories are lost because we simply don't have the time to write them down. After my aunt passed away, I made a photo book that entwined photos of her life with the stories that went along with them. Since doing that, I learned that people want to do the same for family, but have no spare time. I assist you with that so that your most important family stories don't fade away.

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Lasting Story Photo Book

My husband and I are so pleased with the quality of our wedding photo book. Linda took her time to select each photo that captured a specific moment of the wedding and turned it into an irreplaceable gift. Thank you, Linda, we will forever treasure our book. --Candace and Ian M

Classic Lasting Story

The book about our trip to Alaska made by Linda was such a delight! It captured the spirit of the beautiful Alaskan territory in print like I could never have done myself. The pictures and narratives make me experience our trip all over again every time I look at it. High quality throughout and a beautiful professional job. Thanks! --Marty M

Deluxe Lasting Story

Partnering with Linda was such a fun experience. I loved talking with her about my most cherished memories of my son and my family. She put me at ease, helped me to remember moments I'd long forgotten and even brought tears to my eyes! After our initial consultation, she crafted a sweet little book for my son to commemorate his 5th birthday. He enjoys the photos and stories now, but I know he'll love it even more as he grows older! The book has nice, thick pages and is easy-to-read. I know I can't keep him 5 years old forever so having this memento to look back upon is priceless! Thank you, Linda! --Emily R

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